Bollington, Macclesfield

Local Authority

Cheshire East Council



The clients simply wished to extend their existing end of terraced property and create a new kitchen, dining, family room that was warm, the existing house was freezing! And would act as a hub for the family to live in.

What we proposed was a dramatic addition that not only met their initial requirements but also dealt with the tricky topography of the site allowing for a much better connection with the garden. The ground level at the rear of the property fell away resulting in the garden being disconnected and unused, lying nearly 2m lower than the existing kitchen and living spaces.

We envisaged a contemporary design that stepped through a series of spaces taking you down to the garden, resulting in a light and airy room that provided a well-designed link between the indoor and outdoor spaces.  This contrasted greatly to the original period property which was dark and cold.

The property sits within the Bollington Conservation area of Shrigley road and as such had to meet the stringent criteria that this brings. There was a significant amount of local negative feedback due to the contemporary nature of the proposals within this historic setting, however the design won the conservation and planning officers support and the plans gained approval.

Internally it was our intention to mix the old with new, where the original stonework was retained this was cleaned and exposed. Where a new steel was added this was exposed and made into a feature. The continuation of the floor material is important to ensure the room feels a single space; however, the steps are carefully accented with timber that links back to the period dwelling. The large windows allow light to flood the room and are positioned in such a way as to maintain privacy while allowing maximum solar gain.

“Thanks Derry. It’s a genuinely amazing space you have envisioned, it’s delivered everything plus much much more in terms of the way we live as a family.”