Architectural Services and Fees

DOVE architecture offers thorough and detailed service stages comprising of Architectural DOVE consult, Survey, Design, Planning, Building Regulations and in addition we offer a Full Architect’s Service which includes all of these services and full management of your project onsite.  Below you will find more information on how to begin your journey with DOVE architecture and also examples of our fees.

Architectural DOVE consult

DOVE offers an Architectural Consult at your property with the Principal Architect to ensure a productive relationship and understand your project’s specifics, leading to the commencement of the design process.

DOVE will start by visiting your property to undertake a measured survey of the building which will be drawn up using our 3d cad software.

DOVE will work through a series of creative ideas that will investigate how to achieve the best results, both for the occupants and the building itself. We are very aware of achieving best value and are always conscious of the ceiling value of a property.   

DOVE has a strong relationship with the local councils and through their high quality drawing submissions and developed relationships they have an incredibly high success rate for planning applications being approved.

Once planning approval has been gained DOVE move forward with the more technical side of the design. This involves ensuring that the conceptual ideas are followed through in the construction detailing of the project, this is particularly important for contemporary projects.

DOVE offer a Full Architect’s Service which includes all of the above services and full management of your project onsite through to completion.


All our fees are ex VAT so 20% will be charged in addition.

As all projects and properties are different, below is a rough guide as to what fees you can expect.


  • 3 bed semi – from £680
  • 4 bed detached – from £790
  • Large detached properties – £890 +

More complex properties e.g. Properties with more than two floors or older properties with changes in levels and ceiling heights etc will be more.


  • Single storey permitted development type rear extension – from £1,330
  • Attic conversions – from £1,350
  • Two storey side / rear extension – from £1,950
  • House extension and remodel – from £3,100


  • Standard Planning Application – £835
  • Greenbelt or Conservation Area – £990

Building Regulations

  • As a guide about £55 per sqm – min £1,350

From this you will have a good set of drawings that you can give to a builder to enable you to achieve a fixed price for the main fabric of the works.

Full Architect’s Service 

  • 15% of build costs – includes all of the above services and full management of your project onsite through to completion.

Please note that fees do not include council application fees (planning / LDC /pre-app/ building regulations) – refer to council website for latest council fees, nor do they include structural engineers fees or DOVE architecture & interiors general expenses.




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